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I am so grateful for AC roofing. In the storm we had water coming in my living room, I called AC roofing. They came out and did an emergency covering of the roof and the following day. They did the repair with a great warranty and a great price. I highly recommend them.
Sandy More – Dorchester, Massachusetts

Had a leak in my roof called AC Roofing they responded quickly within the hour the technician was very helpful and diagnosed the problem and repaired it that night great experience will do business with AC Roofing again all the people I was dealing with Theresa, Alex and Steve were Great!
Brian O – Somerville

Needed to get a new roof due to many issues, but mostly due to my roof leaking. So I did some research online and decided that AC Roofing was the best fit for my budget and my needs. Great customer service in the Boston area. Would choose them again if I ever have the need.
Brittany S. – Boston

I needed to put in a new flat roof due to my current roof leaking, so I called AC Roofing. The process could not have been any simpler. These guys were very professional and friendly. They were very accommodating to my schedule. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent roofer.
Andy F.

Alex and his team were wonderful to work with. This is a company you can trust. Reliable, fairly priced, competent, courteous. Alex installed our new roof as agreed upon and explained each step along the way. Roof repair or new roof install is an investment, and this company is safe.
Viviane V. – West Roxbury, MA

I was in need for a new roof since my roof started leaking and minor patches couldn’t fix the situation. I contacted AC roofing in Boston and they were the solution to my problem. Amazing pricing and very helpful people to work with. My roof is not leaking anymore and I am feeling good about it. Thanks Alex!
David Frost

We needed a new roof and a friend of ours who used their services in the past wouldn’t stop recommeding them. I called them, set everything up and in no time we had a stunning new roof for an unbelievably cheap price! If you’re in need for a new roof or roof fixing and live in Boston, AC Roofing is the go to company.
Oscar Torrealba

One of the best company that provides emergency roofing repair service in Boston.
Ammar Ahmmed

Needed to get a roof fixed due to leakage and was in an emergency. I decided to contact AC Roofing to help fix the roof and they immediately fixed the roof without any hassles. Would highly recommend their roofing services.
Jason Parker

Great roofing service, had squirrels and other animals entering through a hole, and they just kept reopening it no matter how many times I tried to close it up. It became more of an emergency situation when we found a raccoon in the attic. Thanks to our new roof however, no more strange animals in our home!
Joe Morrison

I needed some new roofing after a huge snow storm here in Boston, and after some research on the internet, I figured that AC Roofing would be the best fit for my flat roof. The folks showed up right on time and had the damage repaired by the end of the day. They showed me great service and I had no complaints! Overall, AC Roofing seems to be one of the best roofing companies in the Boston area, and I’d definitely use their services again.
Jonathan Taylor

I cannot stress enough how much of a lifesaver these guys are! We sprung several leaks after the last huge rainstorm and they agreed to do an emergency roofing job for us so we didn’t have to find somewhere else to stay and rack up more charges. Our new roof is perfect!!

I needed to put in a new flat roof due to my current roof leaking, so I called AC Roofing. The process could not have been any simpler. These guys were very professional and friendly. They were very accommodating to my schedule. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent roofer.
Andy Feng

Needed to get a new roof due to many issues, but mostly due to my roof leaking. So I did some research online and decided that AC Roofing was the best fit for my budget and my needs. Great customer service in the Boston area. Would choose them again if I ever have the need.
Brittany St. Romain

Great experience with AC Roofing. Glad we did our research and found the best! From initial contact through completion, were very pleased with our new roof and suggest AC Roofing to everyone. Thank you!
Kyle de Rothschild

Very affordable option to get our roof replaced, fairly satisfied with the outcome. Employees came on time which was nice. If your not looking to break your bank. This is the right option.
Michael P.

My roof had some damage from water and other trash. I figured I’d do it myself, but then I heard about AC Roofing. After a while of talking on the phone and them figuring what would be done, they came and got the job done. Didn’t have to do it myself, and the roofing was quite good. It was sturdy. Best part about it was that it didn’t look like garbage. If I have anymore roofing things that I needed done, I’ll be coming back to AC Roofing. It’s simple and their quality is nice.
Shane LM

When i needed to get a roof replaced on a somewhat urgent basis, the folks over at AC were able to give me quotes on both time and labor costs that were reasonable enough that I was reassured that they knew their stuff. The experience itself confirmed it. I recommend AC to anyone in the Boston area who needs a total roof replacement. Thanks guys!
Jennifer Topolnicki

Called these guys up to see how much it would be for a roof repair and was very satisfied with the service! They talked me through everything and assured me my roof would be repaired as soon as possible. I highly recommend these guys for emergency services. The price was superb compared to other places. Thank you!
Danilo Capcha

I had a good experience with this company. I live in an old house and the roof has gone through a lot of wear and tear. Eventually, the roof slightly collapsed and I needed someone to fix the roof immediately. I called the guys over at AC Roofing and they were very communicative and expressed their willingness to do the job on the same day. They were very professional and quick as they finished the job in less than 2 hours. I was skeptical about their use of rubber roofing, but it definitely did its job to protect the roof from future damage. They I’d definitely recommend this company for roof repairs!
Nasir Naleye

I called them to ask for a hand with my roof since it was leaking. They didn’t even need to get appointment or anything like that. They showed up in like 30 minutes and did a really impressive work. And my roof is fine as hell now. I’d recommend AC roofing to anyone.
Arfan M

I can’t stress this enough, I am SO thankful for this company and everything they did to repair my roof. Because it was an emergency issue, they came right away, THE SAME DAY, to help me out with my roof issues. They had great communication throughout this process and never made a doubt in my mind that they couldn’t do the job. They investigated and found the leak and even assessed the whole roof and made sure there wasn’t any other possibility that there could be a leak in the ceiling. They had reasonable prices and even went out of their way to do stuff for free, e.g. making sure the roof was stable and seeing if there would be any problems. They told me the price it would cost to repair this issue which again, was very reasnable. I would highly recommend their professional services if you want the job to be done right.
Sarah L Nicole

I really want to thank this company for the fantastic repair job that they did for my roof. They responded to my request the day of and came over to my house to diagnose the problem.
When they came over, I showed them the leak on my ceiling. They went to the attic and started diagnosing the problem and quickly found out what was wrong — and not only did they see the source of my current leak, they also saw a spot that is almost about to leak. They did all those diagnosis for free and told me how much it would be to repair the issue (the price was very reasonable!)
When they came over to do the repair, they did a very thorough job with the repair. In addition, they taught me a lot about the condition of my roof and knowledge about roofs in general. Lastly, they saw that some other parts of my roof might be developing the same issue, and helped me take some preventable actions (i.e. add extra caulking etc) for those areas too free of charge.
I’d highly recommend this company to my friends and family since they seem to know what they’re doing and very easy to communicate with.

Sara L.

They work fast and come as soon as you schedule an appointment. My roof started leaking all of a sudden and after checking out some places this one seemed to be nice.After giving them a call they came within an hour.I was not there personally to check the status so i had requested pictures(which they happily provided).Then after another hour or so they were done.They sent me pictures of the roof too.I asked my tenants if the problems were fixed and after confirming it had indeed been fixed they went.Work was fast and great.Would recommend to other people.

Service was great! Prices were cheap, and they fixed my roof quickly and without any troubles. Incredible!
Luca D’Amico-Wong

My grandparent’s house is near Revere and their roof was leaking when I came over to visit them last Winter. They gave me the task of finding a company to fix it up. I decided to give this company a call because of all the great reviews. And they definitely deserve those great reviews! I called and they quickly scheduled and appointment for inspection. They told me that the flat rubber roof just had some minor damage and could be fixed very quickly for a cheaper price. They said they could patch it up the next day. AC Roofing is a professional roofing company that is polite, understanding, and knows what they are doing. I told my grandparents to call them up if they ever have any leaking again. I highly recommend this company if you need any emergency services. They definitely do their job quick and professionally.
Vincent Yu

I OWN A 3 Story brown stone in south Boston the roof started leaking on my tenants like a river I called several roofers no one answered. After reading some reviews on Ac Roofing in revere Ma I decided to give them a call. Theresa the owner answered quickly I explained my situation and she had a crew out within 35 min. I was shocked they address the issues in my flat rubber roof gave me a quote over the phone took tons of pictures and repaired the roof right there in the spot. Then emailed proof of the work. After confirming with my tenants ac roofing has stopped the leak in the middle of a rain storm. Work was amazingly professional very efficient and theresa was wonderful giving tons of updates and information. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with roofing needs. A+ Ac Roofing.
Varun Kumar

This company is one of the best emergency roofing companies in boston and revere my auntie needed her flat roof done they did it no questions asked ..and my roof was leaking they fixed it 30 minutes flat.
John Lewis

Very professional and knowledgeable – repaired our flat rubber roof this winter – no more leaks – woohoo!
Mary Albrecht

AC Roofing maintains and repairs all the flat roofs on our commercial rental properties in Boston. We couldn’t be more satisfied and are happy to recommend them to anyone in need of a flat roof repair.
Frank Howe

Ac roofing out of boston did a great job on our flat rubber roof in Boston no more leaks good price everything was done professionally it was a pleasure to do business with Alex good job guys.
Angelo Stevenson

We have a rubber roof at our office located on treamont st in boston. The roof has leaked for several years with serveral patches. After sesrching and reading reviews Ac roofing was the company with the best reviews and they was highly recommened. Talking with the sacertery Theresa we delightful very nice with tons of information. The owner Alex came out and evaluated our roof. The price was right near our budget. Ac roofing did a great job on tearing out and installing a new rubber roof. We will definitly use this company again. Highly recommended.
Adamm Nicholas

We contacted several roofing companies and AC roofing was the only company that gave a quick responsive answer The secretary was wonderful and gave great information. AC Roofing replaced the rubber roof in a good workmen like manner and did a excellent job on clean up. Price was very fair also good job guy!
Ace Reality – Boylston St, Boston

I experienced a horrible wind storm that damaged the roof of our home.  I called AC Roofing – very prompt and prices were fair.  All work was done in a professional manner – I’ll be sure to recommend you to all my friends.
Elizabeth C. – Boston, Massachusetts

I don’t usually leave testimonials, but AC Roofing was very quick, prompt, and satisfied me down to a T.  If I have ever a roofing issue again (which I hope I don’t) – they’ll be the first ones I call.
Marcus P. – Dorchester, MA

I own multiple commercial buildings in and around Boston – whenever I have a roof repair, AC Roofing is my first call.  Always reasonable, and the quality of their work is exceptional.
S & L Properties – Malden, Massachusetts

They did a great job with our roof repair – highly recommended.
Molly A. – Everett, Mass


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